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Luxurious Stay at Hotels in Kolkata
21.05.2014 11:36

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Once the capital of colonial India, the city of Kolkata is now known as the ‘City of Joy’ for its vitality. With a plethora of attractions like the Victoria Memorial, Birla Planetarium, Princep Ghat, Howrah Bridge, Dakshineswar Temple, Hooghly River, Eden Gardens, Second Hooghly Bridge, Museum, etc., Kolkata magnetizes a large number of tourists from all over the world. Though Kolkata sports hot and humid climate in summer and monsoon seasons, the winter and autumn seasons are the favourable time for the tourists as they could tour the city comfortably during this period. And the presence of a number of luxurious hotels in Kolkata could provide a good experience to these travellers.


Park Street is the heart of the city with an array of coffee shops, restaurant, pubs and discos, shops, cinema halls and hotels. A huge number of luxurious hotels crowd the place, which is the lifeline of Kolkata. One such great option is the Hotel Fortune Select Loudon, which provides amazing hospitality to its guests. Along with the basic facilities this hotel also caters comfort and convenience with the conference centres, swimming pool, gym, spa, 24-hour currency exchange and doctor on call. The luxurious rooms of the hotels in Kolkata are well-equipped with the necessary and comfortable amenities to ensure blissful experience to its guests. If you are staying in hotels in Kolkata, it is important to choose its location. Park Street is a place well connected to the rest of the city. Thus, staying there it will be easier to travel to any part of the city.


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