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Srinagar Hotels : Your Host For A Perfect Stay!
22.02.2014 12:17

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Jammu & Kashmir, an interesting place in India, is a beautiful town full of snow and greenery all over. A host to thousands of travellers from all over the world, Jammu and Kashmir promises unforgettable moments on this panoramic landscape. Srinagar, the capital of Jammu and Kashmir is a summer’s retreat for many. From honeymooners to adventurists – everyone would savour the pleasing ambience of this picturesque landscape. Srinagar sits along the banks of River Jhelum in the valley of Kashmir. Offering several delights to its visitors, this place is ought to leave you surprised.

Take a tour to this chilling territory and relish the warmth in Srinagar Hotels. Interwoven with utmost love and care, these hotels extend amenities for a pleasing stay. Extending warm ambience, it is sure to drive you naughty for moments engulfed in love. Offering ideal settings for a romantic honeymoon, these hotels also present pleasing arrangements to lodge you entire family together. While there are hotels nestling over mountain ridges, there are also hotels sitting along the river banks. Choose your favourite one and relish every moment spent in these establishments!
Srinagar is a place visited by travellers from all classes of life. Those looking for a luxurious establishment can lodge themselves at The Lalit Grand Palace, Vivanta By Taj – Dal View, Hotel Broadway and Heevan Resort. Those middle class can take refuge at Hotel K S Palace, Hotel Butterfly, Hotel Isfhan and Dal View Resort. For those looking to surprise your loved ones with something that is more than special can find their ideal abode at the Houseboat hotels. These glittering boats are the best of Srinagar Hotels! Experience the brilliance by staying at these hotels. Enjoy the sheer panache!


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